Until we come out with the "Update Profile" function for alumni (just like we currently have for recruits), here is a temporary work around. By performing these steps, you will be able to send the questionnaire to your alumni who are already in your database and they can update their information, which will then automatically updated in your ScoutForce database.

Watch this video to show how to do it or perform the following steps:

  1. In the Contacts tab, click on "Alumni"
  2. Check mark the names of the alumni you want to have update their profile
  3. Click the "Bulk Action" dropdown and select "Email"
  4. Type out your Email Subject and the message you want to send them
  5. Insert the following text exactly how it's written here: {{{invite_link}}} 
    (this is the code which will allow that specific Alum to access the Alumni Questionnaire which will contain the information that is already recorded for them)
    For the recipient, it doesn't show up as {{{invite_link}}} -- it actually says "Click here to edit your profile"
  6. When the alum gets it and updates their information, once they send it back, all of their information will be updated in your database and you will be notified via email