If you use the "tags" feature to organize your contacts and have ever wanted to bring up multiple tags at once, there is a little trick to do so. It will not bring up all of the contacts from both tags, but rather it will bring up all of the contacts who are in both tags. For example, if I have 2 tags for my recruits: 

- Top Midfielders

- Top Recruits 

When I bring up both of those tags at once, it will only show me the names of those recruits that I have tagged into both Top Midfielders and Top Recruits. If tagged a recruit in only Top Midfielders, but not Top Recruits, that recruit will not show up in the list.

To perform the action above, you can watch this video or follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Recruits tab or Contacts tab (depending on who you want to bring up)
  2. In the "Tagged" field, type the name of the first Tag you are looking to bring up, then add a comma, and then type the name of the second tag you want to bring up. Here's an example  TAGGED: (Top Recruits, Top Midfielders)
  3. Note: you can add as many tags as you want in this search, but it will narrow your results even further by bringing up only those recruits that are in all 3 of the tags